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Will E.

Need to feel a little nostalgic? ​ Watch Will sing Mayberry by Rascal Flats!
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Nick & Grace

Talk about a power couple! ​ Nick is a well known juggler, and Grace can astound anyone with her dance.
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Margaret D.

Margaret enchants us with Part of your World from The Little Mermaid
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Kallen C.

You can't help but get out of your seat with Kallen and dance with her to the Kidz Bop version Dance Monkey by Tones and I
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Caroline R.

Nothing can stop Caroline from her amazing interpretive dance to A Whole New World​ from Disney's Aladdin
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Andrew L.

Andrew will make you feel all the feelings in his rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart will Go On
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Bennett M.

Bennett lives his life rocking & rolling 100% of the time.
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Eric C.

Eric's rendition of both the American and Mexican National Anthems are a Talent Show staple each year!
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Daniel W.

Another original song from our friend Daniel. ​ Isn't he amazing?
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Anthony m.

You can't help but have fun with Anthony on the mic! ​
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Caroline C.

Feel the rush of Caroline's pop stylings singing Sugar Rush from Wreck-it-Ralph 2.
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Kiersten C.

Kiersten will slide into your heart with her moves!
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Victoria L.

Victoria truly hits all the high notes as she sings Show Yourself from Disney's Frozen. ​
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Brandon C.

Brandon put in the work before this performance and it shows... his leader Hayden is just along for the ride!
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Anna S.

You won't be able to shake off this performance of Anna singing Taylor Swift's Shake it Off.
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Ellie S.

Ellie shows the world her talent as she leads her friends in singing and dancing to We're all in this Together from High School Musical.
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Lauren P.

Lauren owns the park as she sings Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical
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Fabian C.

Let your heart be warmed by Fabian's swoon-worthy rendition of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual"
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Jessica C.

Jessica and her sister move what they got in this interpretive worship dance to Michael W. Smith's Waymaker.
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Andrew L.

Check out Andrew's skills as he blows up the drum set with Katy Perry's Firework
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Kathy M.

Even when you expect the unexpected with Kathy, you still get blown away! ​ Ever heard Katy Perry in Spanish? ​ Now you have!
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